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Pneumatic conveying is a high tech industrial process http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-cliff-pennington-jersey/ , which deals with moving industrial materials from one place to another. While most people are familiar with the concept of a conveyor belt, pneumatic conveying is somewhat different. Instead of dealing in large or bulky items, pneumatic conveying systems are designed to transport dry, pulverized or powdery substances at high speeds through pipelines.

As you can imagine http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-cameron-maybin-jersey/ , these systems are complex and very useful in a wide range of industrial applications. The below guide is designed to help you understand pneumatic conveying and how it can be used in an industrial setting.

The Pneumatic Conveying Process

As already mentioned above, pneumatic conveying is primarily tasked with the movement of powdered substances which will be used in a factory or other industrial complex. These can include, but are not limited to: cement, food products http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-bud-norris-jersey/ , coatings and protective finishes.

These materials are pushed, or pulled, through the pneumatic conveying system with the application of air at a high pressure. At the discretion of the engineer designing the system, this can be done with blowers http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-brandon-phillips-jersey/ , vacuums or air compressors - the exact makeup of the system will be dependent on the specific needs of the industrial facility.

Pneumatic conveying systems can be very simple, or complex, depending on the specific needs of the worksite. For many industrial processes, there is just a need to move the material from point ‘A' to point ‘B' - this would be considered a simple conveying system. However http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-ben-revere-jersey/ , pneumatic conveying systems are capable of much more than this. It is now possible to set up complex pneumatic conveying systems where various materials are transported and combined together, streamlining many formerly complex tasks.

Major Applications And Benefits

Pneumatic conveying, as you may already have seen, is a very useful tool for heavy industry http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-andrew-heaney-jersey/ , mining and food production. It is able to transport and even combine many materials that are central to the manufacturing or production process with a minimum of fuss and mess.

One major benefit of pneumatic conveying is the sheer amount of material which you can transport using this system. Depending on the specific design of your pneumatic conveying system, you can expect a throughput of anywhere from 100kg per hour, to 200tonnes. This range is so large due to some materials requiring a far lower velocity to be transported safely and also showcases the scalability of pneumatic conveying system.

In addition to this, one benefit that has already been hinted at is the custom nature of the system. It is generally not possible to take a pneumatic conveying system straight off the shelf and begin using it - some may see this as a negative http://www.baseballangelsprostore.com/angels-of-anaheim-andrelton-simmons-jersey/ , but it is the complete opposite. When you have a pneumatic conveying system customised for your particular needs, you can be assured that it will be more than match for all the tasks you throw at it.

Do You Need More Information?

If you need more information pneumatic conveying systems, you should look for an engineering contractor in your local area who specialises in these systems. They will be more than pleased to take you through the process of designing and installing a pneumatic conveying system.

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